Cost-cutting through Innovation and Technology: Our Fabrication Edge

Bluetooth Speaker Mounts for Golf Carts

TMA Fabrication Services successfully collaborated with a leading speaker manufacturer to develop a robust and efficient solution for mounting Bluetooth speakers in golf carts. This project showcased our capabilities in design, precision manufacturing, and high-volume production.

Design and Fabrication of Metal Brackets: Our expert team conceptualized and designed over 2000 metal brackets tailored to secure Bluetooth speakers in golf carts. Leveraging our advanced CNC press-brake technology, we precisely manufactured each bracket to meet the specific requirements of the application.

High-Volume Production Expertise: TMA Fabrication Services thrives on high-volume production challenges, and this project was no exception. Our streamlined manufacturing process allowed us to efficiently produce large quantities of brackets without compromising on precision or quality.

Powder Coating for Durability: To ensure the longevity and resilience of the metal brackets, we applied a durable powder coating finish. This added layer not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also provided protection against environmental factors, ensuring the brackets withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Tailored Solutions for Industry Needs: Our commitment to delivering tailored solutions aligned perfectly with the specific requirements of the speaker manufacturer. We understand the importance of providing reliable and durable mounting solutions for products intended for use in golf carts.

TMA Fabrication Services takes pride in contributing to innovative projects, and we welcome opportunities for high-volume manufacturing. If you have custom fabrication needs, especially those involving large quantities, we have the expertise and capability to turn your ideas into reality.

Custom Fabrication for Shooting Ranges

TMA Fabrication Services recently undertook a comprehensive project for one of our customers in catering to the unique needs of various shooting ranges. Our skilled team successfully completed a range of custom solutions, showcasing our expertise in metal and wood fabrication.

1. Steel Business Logos: Crafted eight-foot business logos from sturdy 1/8″ steel. Each logo was meticulously designed, precision-cut, and finished with a durable powder coating for long-lasting appeal.

2. Wood Logos Using CNC Router: Employing advanced CNC routing technology, we created eight-foot logos from wood, providing a visually striking and textured alternative to steel, catering to specific aesthetic preferences.

3. Custom Shooting Tables: Designed and fabricated two bespoke shooting tables, ensuring both functionality and durability. Additionally, we personalized the shooting experience with custom-engraved rubber shoot table mats for a professional touch.

4. Shooting Trap: Our team fabricated a custom shooting trap, combining safety and functionality to enhance the shooting range experience. The trap was meticulously crafted to meet industry standards and ensure user satisfaction.

5. Shot Expo Booth Support: Provided valuable support to the Shot Expo by manufacturing cut and bent parts essential for the booth’s structure. Our precision-cut components contributed to the overall success of the event.

At TMA Fabrication Services, we take pride in delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations. This project exemplifies our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. If you have unique fabrication needs, we are ready to bring your ideas to life with precision and excellence.

Turn-Key Fabrication Sound Dampers for Nitrogen Generator

TMA Fabrication Services took on a challenging and innovative project involving the design and fabrication of sound dampers for a nitrogen generator used in offshore platforms. The customer presented us with the old parts, but with no accompanying drawings, necessitating us to start from scratch. This turn-key project showcased our capabilities in engineering, design, modeling, press brake bending, and full-scale fabrication.

Key Project Highlights:

1. Engineering and Design Expertise: Given the absence of drawings, our engineering team took the lead in creating comprehensive designs for two different styles of sound dampers. This involved meticulous planning, precise measurements, and leveraging advanced engineering software.

2. Modeling for Precision: Utilizing cutting-edge 3D modeling technology, we translated our designs into detailed virtual representations. This step ensured accuracy in the dimensions and functionality of the sound dampers before moving into the fabrication phase.

3. Press Brake Bending Mastery: Our skilled technicians employed state-of-the-art press brake equipment to bend and shape the metal components with precision. This step was critical in achieving the desired form and functionality of the sound dampers.

4. Full-Scale Fabrication: TMA Fabrication Services handled the entire fabrication process, from initial concept to the completion of two distinct styles of sound dampers. The project demanded a comprehensive approach, and our team delivered flawlessly.

5. Offshore Platform Application: The nitrogen generator unit, originally manufactured in Singapore, serves a crucial role in offshore platforms. Our sound dampers were designed to meet the specific requirements of this high-demand environment.

6. Testing Skills and Pushing Boundaries: This project truly tested the limits of our skills and capabilities. The absence of initial drawings and the complexity of the nitrogen generator unit required our team to innovate, problem-solve, and deliver a turn-key solution that exceeded expectations.

TMA Fabrication Services excels in turn-key projects that demand a holistic approach, and we welcome opportunities to apply our expertise to unique challenges. If you have a project that requires precision engineering, design, and fabrication, consider TMA Fabrication Services as your trusted partner.

Custom Generator Enclosures for Outdoor Storage

TMA Fabrication Services embarked on an innovative project, conceptualizing and manufacturing custom-designed generator enclosures in-house. This project was driven by the necessity of providing customers with a reliable solution for storing generators outdoors, ensuring readiness during power outages caused by severe storms or complete power grid shutdowns.

Key Project Highlights:

1.Holistic Design and Manufacturing: Our team took charge of the entire process, from initial design to in-house manufacturing. The goal was to create generator enclosures that meet the specific requirements of outdoor storage while maintaining functionality and ease of use.

2. Material Selection and Bending Expertise: The enclosures were crafted from durable 18-gauge steel, selected for its strength and resilience. Our precision press brake bending capabilities were employed to shape the steel into the desired form, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.

3. Powder Coating for Protection: Each enclosure underwent a powder coating process to provide a protective layer against the elements. The coating enhances resistance to corrosion, UV exposure, and other environmental factors, extending the life of the generator enclosure.

4. Cooling Efficiency with Exhaust Fan: Recognizing the importance of temperature regulation for generators, our custom-designed enclosures come equipped with an exhaust fan. This feature ensures optimal cooling during generator operation, contributing to improved performance and longevity.

5. Emergency Preparedness: The project’s objective was to offer a solution that addresses the critical need for emergency power during unforeseen events. These custom generator enclosures provide a reliable and ready-to-use solution for homeowners and businesses alike.

Meeting Customer Needs with Innovation:

TMA Fabrication Services prioritizes innovation to meet evolving customer needs. Our custom-designed generator enclosures showcase our commitment to providing practical, durable, and well-thought-out solutions for emergency power storage.

If you are seeking a reliable partner for custom metal fabrication projects that prioritize functionality and innovation, TMA Fabrication Services is here to deliver. Consider us for your next project, and let our expertise bring your ideas to life.

Custom Brackets for LED Arena Lighting in Equestrian Facilities

TMA Fabrication Services took on a significant project involving the production of custom steel and aluminum brackets for a customer specializing in LED arena lighting, particularly designed for horse stables and outdoor settings. This project showcased our proficiency in handling high-volume, large-scale productions with precision and efficiency.

Key Project Highlights:

1. Collaborative Design and Manufacturing: Our collaboration with the customer involved a thorough understanding of their LED arena lighting requirements. We actively participated in the design phase to ensure that the brackets perfectly complemented the lighting fixtures’ specifications.

2. Laser Cutting Expertise: Leveraging our state-of-the-art laser cutting technology, we precisely cut the steel and aluminum sheets to create the intricate shapes required for the brackets. This method allowed for intricate designs with consistent accuracy across thousands of units.

3. Prep and Precision Bending: Following laser cutting, each bracket underwent meticulous preparation processes to achieve the desired finish. Our press brake, equipped with advanced bending capabilities, was employed to bend the brackets accurately, ensuring uniformity in each piece.

4. High-Volume Production: TMA Fabrication Services thrives on high-volume production challenges. This project involved the completion of thousands of custom brackets, showcasing our ability to manage large-scale manufacturing with efficiency and quality control

5. Quality Assurance: Throughout the production process, we implemented stringent quality assurance measures to guarantee that each bracket met the highest standards of precision, durability, and functionality. Our commitment to quality is paramount, even in high-volume projects.

6. Specialization in Lighting Components: This project highlighted our specialization in manufacturing components for lighting applications. The brackets produced play a crucial role in supporting LED arena lighting, emphasizing our versatility in catering to diverse industry needs.

Driving Success through Large-Scale Production:

TMA Fabrication Services thrives on the challenge of large-scale, high-volume production projects. Our ability to seamlessly integrate design, laser cutting, prep, and precision bending ensures the successful completion of projects, such as the custom brackets for LED arena lighting. If you require a reliable partner for extensive manufacturing needs, TMA Fabrication Services is poised to deliver excellence in every component.

Consider us for your next large-scale fabrication project, where precision and efficiency are non-negotiable.

Custom Charger Holders for HEB

TMA Fabrication Services successfully undertook a specialized project for HEB, addressing an issue with the vulnerability of their chargers used for items like forklifts and carts. The existing chargers were prone to damage, particularly being ripped off the wall, rendering them ineffective. HEB presented a sample charger bracket they had internally manufactured, but it fell short of our quality standards in terms of design, fitment, and welding.

Key Project Highlights:

1.Problem Identification: HEB faced challenges with the vulnerability of their chargers, leading to frequent damage. The chargers needed a robust and secure solution to prevent incidents of detachment from the wall.

2. Custom Design Innovation: TMA Fabrication Services took on the challenge of designing a custom solution that would not only address the structural issues but also enhance the overall quality and fitment of the charger holders. Our design team embarked on creating an innovative and effective model.

3. Sample Charger Collaboration: HEB provided a sample charger to serve as the basis for our design and manufacturing process. This collaborative approach allowed us to understand the intricacies of the existing design and work towards a superior solution.

4. In-House Manufacturing Excellence: The entire production, from laser cutting and bending using our press brake to fabrication, welding, and powder coating, was carried out in-house. This ensured tight quality control measures and a streamlined manufacturing process.

5. Quality Fitment and Welding: Our custom-designed charger holders not only resolved the vulnerability issue but also excelled in fitment and welding quality. The end result surpassed HEB’s expectations, providing a sturdy and durable solution.

6. Powder Coating for Durability: To enhance the longevity and visual appeal of the charger holders, we applied a powder coating finish. This not only provided a protective layer but also contributed to a polished and professional appearance.

7. Positive Reception and Future Collaboration: The innovative design and manufacturing excellence of TMA Fabrication Services received positive feedback from HEB. The success of the project has laid the groundwork for potential future collaborations, including direct engagement with the charger manufacturers.

8. Turnkey Project Expertise: TMA Fabrication Services excels in turnkey projects that demand a combination of innovation, design, engineering, and manufacturing skills. This project exemplified our ability to create tailored solutions that meet specific client needs.

Empowering Businesses with Innovative Solutions:

TMA Fabrication Services takes pride in delivering solutions that not only solve immediate challenges but also elevate the overall quality and functionality of the products involved. Our expertise in custom design, in-house manufacturing, and turnkey project management positions us as a reliable partner for businesses seeking innovative and effective solutions.

Explore the possibilities of collaborative innovation with TMA Fabrication Services, where every project is an opportunity to showcase our talent and skill set.

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