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TMA Fabrication Services consistently provides state-of-the-art technology, exceptional quality, and cost-effective solutions, ensuring timely delivery on every project.

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Metal Components Fabricated from Aluminum and Stainless Steel

When you are managing or providing instrumentation and testing equipment, TMA Fabrication Services steps in as the premier source for aluminum and stainless steel components in Houston. Our expertise extends to crafting components for equipment shelters and an array of rack variations crucial for production facilities across diverse industries. We specialize in the intricate processes of sheet metal fabrication and tooling, tailored to support projects of any scale. For businesses reliant on instrumentation and test equipment, we supply essential parts that bolster productivity.

Our offerings include:

1. Bench Test Equipment: Crafting components essential for bench testing applications to ensure accurate results and precision.
2. Cylinder and Equipment Racks: Fabricating robust racks designed to hold various equipment and cylinders securely.
3. Electronic Testing Devices: Crafting components vital for electronic testing devices to enhance their functionality and durability.
4. Off-The-Shelf Enclosure Modifications: Tailoring enclosure components to suit specific equipment and environmental needs.
5. Portable Test Equipment: Crafting durable and lightweight components for portable testing apparatus.
6. Power Analyzers: Precision components crafted to support power analyzers for accurate analysis and measurement.
7. Process Analyzer Shelters: Designing and fabricating shelters to house and protect delicate process analyzers.
8. Sunshields: Creating protective shields that safeguard sensitive equipment from environmental factors.

We utilize high-quality aluminum and stainless steel to engineer these intricate components. At TMA Fabrication Services, we understand the critical nature of instruments and test equipment. Hence, we ensure our components are efficient, of the highest quality, and built with precision in every process.

Count on TMA Fabrication Services to expertly craft superior components for your instrumentation and test equipment needs, employing top-tier laser-cutting tools and cutting-edge machinery for unparalleled precision and quality.

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